Mekedonia and Gudina Tumsa Holistic Center Visit
Deborah Foundation management staff and TOT team visited Mekedonia Humanitarian Association (MHA) and EECMY Gudina Tumsa Holistic Center during the last month.

During our stay at Mekedonia Humanitarian Association on November 20, we were fortunate enough to provide meals for 200 individuals. The staff welcomed our members and gave us a tour of the compound. We spent time with the elderly and youth with intellectual disabilities. We were blessed to receive paintings from the residents.

Our management team had a knowledge-sharing visit at EECMY Gudina Tumsa Holistic Center which is located around German Square on the 25th of November. As we visited the place, we witnessed the tremendous amount of dedication they put in to assist and enable children with intellectual disabilities through schooling and life skill training. Their system of training and incorporating parents in different areas such as workshops and physiotherapy sessions to assist the children is exemplary.

The care and commitment these organizations provide to our senior citizens, as well as those with intellectual disabilities are applaudable. Our Foundation intends to continue such visits to similar organizations in the future and show our appreciation for the work they do.
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