Kindergarten Inauguration by H.E. President Shale-Work Zewde

On September 3rd, 2022 Her Excellency President Shale-Work Zewde, President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia attended the inauguration ceremony of Deborah Foundation’s state-of-the-art Kindergarten. The Kindergarten, located at Deborah Village in Legetafo Legedadi was funded by Oromia Construction Corporation and additional individual local funders. The kindergarten is designed to be an inclusive school […]

Highschool Inauguration by H.E. First Lady Zinash Tayachew

On Saturday, August 06, 2022, Her Excellency First Lady Zinash Tayachew inaugurated the High School of Deborah Academy which is located at Legetafo. The High School was built by a fund from the First Lady’s Office and it consists of classes, a library, and laboratories that are designed in order to make learning easy and […]

MOU signed with Tolo Technology PLC to facilitate international funding

On July 11, 2022, our foundation signed an MOU with Tollo Technology PLC. Tollo offers a super application that provides multiple services, including payment and financial transaction processing. This partnership will help our foundation in facilitating donations from local and international donors who would like to hand out in-kind donations for children born with Down […]