Bateal Dereje (5 YEARS OLD) & Hirut Hailegeorgies (HER Mother)

August 19, 2020

Q: When did you know Bateal have Down syndrome?

I knew when she was 6 months old. The Doctor at the hospital (Hemen, around 4kilo) told me that my kid is not normal that I need to get her out of the hospital because that she didn’t want to see her ever again.

Q: What was your reaction when the doctor told you Bateal have Down syndrome?

I was shuttered and broken down with the words that the doctor said to me. I didn’t react (replied) at that moment but I had to go back again to tell the doctor that was not right on what she have said. No one should go through that feeling especially with their first born, but look at my kid now she is all normal.

 Q: I see Bateal have a little brother, were you afraid it happens again in your second pregnancy?

Of course I was worried and I had continues checkup throughout my pregnancy at the time, I was lucky enough it didn’t happen again.


Q: What kind of challenges did you face in raising Bateal?

Before having Bateal, I used to run a restaurant with my husband but since I had her I stopped working. I have to take care of her and she needs my attention all the time. She started walking properly these two years, Potty training her at the moment.

I didn’t had any information about how to raise Down syndrome kids before I didn’t even know about Down syndrome as a whole, I joined Fikir foundation to get all this information but they don’t give any information on how to properly take care of your kid with down syndrome.

The other big problem that I am facing is school, she used to go to day care but there are no schools for kids like my daughter, I am afraid to send her to the schools around because she needs more attention that the other kids on top of that the schools always hesitate to register my kid since they don’t have assistance teachers to take care of her.

Q: What message do you want to give out?

I want to say this can happen to anybody and I believe if it happens the strength is also given, you will become strong and will do anything for your kid.

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