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Real stories from families living with intellectual disable member

Eldana Werkneh | 5 YEARS OLD

I want to say that kids with Down syndrome are blessings. They are very active and smart. I don’t want parents not to be afraid to raise them with the society and not to be ashamed of them. Also i believe the society don’t have enough information about Down syndrome, for that parents have the responsibility to share information about everything they know to their community.

Betelhem Melaku - Eldana's Mother

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Beminet Belayneh | 9 YEARS OLD

He is very friendly with everyone, my neighborhood people adore him and he also has lots of friends. The main problem I face is when sending him to school, there is no school catered for down syndrome kids. Other parents often complain about sending their kids in the same school with kids like Beminet. It’s really hard to send him with this thought in my head that he won’t be accepted.

Asegedech Mebre - Beminet's Mother

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Bateal Dereje | 5 YEARS OLD

It was when she was a six-month-old baby that I knew my daughter is born with down syndrome. I still remember the day I went to the hospital and was told to take my baby home, to never bring her back. One can only imagine how shattering it would be to see your very own first-born child be referred to as “not normal” by a physician and be asked to leave. That left me speechless back then and wouldn’t wish anyone to go through that.

Hirut Hailegeorgies - Bateal's Mother

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Biruktawit Worku | 9 YEARS OLD

She is a happy and friendly kid, just because of her problem. I didn’t send her to school until now, she is always staying with me at the house. I stopped working after having Bruktiet, my husband supports us. The community is very supportive, they don’t make feel less or unseen for having her they are always supportive. I am not afraid to have another child. I have a big hope that my kid will do big things and I am sure that she will make me proud.

Yeshihareg Megeresa - Bruktawit's Mother

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