Beminet Belayneh (9 YEARS OLD) & Asegedech Mebre (HER Mother)

August 19, 2020

Q: When did you know Beminet have Down syndrome?

I knew when he was 5 years old. Starting from my pregnancy the process was hard and from the day he was born he had complication in his heart; he had monthly check up at Bruck hospital (Around sarbet). After five years they told me that my child has a Down syndrome and serious heart problem.

Q: What was your reaction when the doctor told you Beminet have Down syndrome?

I knew that it was not God’s curse, But I was shocked. I was very active before having Beminet, but I live for him now. I have to take care of him and take him to the hospital every month. I feel like he will be lost without me. 

Q: What kind of challenges did you face in raising Beminet?

He is very friendly with everyone, my neighborhood people adore him and he also has lots of friends. The community helps me with different things. The government also helps with his medical treatment its free (Black Lion Hospital) I get information about his health. The only problem I face is when sending him to school there is no school catered for down syndrome kids other parents often complain about sending their kids in the same school with kids like Beminet. It’s really hard to send him with this though in my head that he won’t be accepted.

Q: What message do you want to give out?

I don’t think people should hide their kids from the community, they should also send their kids to school so that they develop interpersonal skills and their confidence.   

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