Eldana WorkIneh (5 YEARS OLD) & Betelhem Melaku (HER Mother)

August 19, 2020

Q: When did you know Eldana have Down syndrome?

I knew when she was 6 months old, in her monthly check up at local health station they told me she have a heart problem and gave me referral to Black Lion Hospital. There they told me that my child have a Down syndrome

Q: What was your reaction when the doctor told you Eldana have Down syndrome?

I was very shocked, my sister has a son who has Autism (22 years old) and I have seen all the struggles that she went through raising that child and at that moment felt sadden and shocked. But though time I have accepted it.

Q: I see Eldana have a little brother, were you afraid it happens again in your second pregnancy?

I was very worried and I had continues checkup throughout my pregnancy at the time, but the doctors assured me that it only happens one time (one child) in a family.

Q: What kind of challenges did you face in raising Eldana?

She is a very kind, and happy kid everyone loves her I have no problem raising her in the community. But the big challenge is in finding the right school for her; there is no school for Down syndrome kids and no assistant teachers to care for them.

Q: What message do you want to give out?

I want to say that kids with Down syndrome are blessings they are very active and smart. I don’t want parents not to be afraid to raise them with the society and not to be ashamed of them.
Also i believe the society don’t have enough information about Down syndrome, for that parents have the responsibility to share information about everything they know to their community.

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