Documentary Video Production TOR

1. Objective

The objective of this assignment is to produce two video outputs of the three years journey of Deborah Foundation and its future projects; the shorter video 5 minutes version and the longer video 15-20 minutes version.

The produced video will be used to creatively communicate and showcase the foundation’s programs, community stories, and the Legetafo school project as well as to support future funding requests from donors and partners.

The primary target audiences for the documentary production include;
• Government organizations
• Potential local & international donors
• Potential partners
• General public

2. Responsibilities

The selected firm will be responsible to
• Develop a story-line for the documentary prior to the filming
• Prepare draft script of the documentary for comments to Deborah Foundation
Submit a realistic timeline of the assignment
• Produce the documentary film both in longer and shorter versions creatively with the use of animation and info graphics
     ▪ Longer version 15-20 minutes
     ▪ Shorter version 5 minutes
• Prepare script and narration
Handle all editing and professional narration used in the documentaries
• Film editing, music, animation and processing of data
• Develop interview guides and visual aids for capturing and documenting changes brought by the project
• Conduct interviews with selected families, board members, staff, government officials and other relevant key partners in consultation with Deborah Foundation. Interviews with the below higher officials and stakeholders should be included in the shooting
          ▪ Minister of Health
          ▪ Ministry of Education
          ▪ Other Partners
Submit the draft videos to Deborah Foundation (both longer and shorter versions) for review and approval
Incorporate comments and feedback on the videos and resubmit the videos for final approval

3. Defined Deliverables

1. A master copy of the 15-20 minutes documentary video in Amharic with English sub-titles in high quality format, and a shorter version of 5 minutes

2. The raw footage used to produce the documentary,

3. The narration text or the full script used for the production with still pictures extracted from the footage.

4. Versions provided should be compatible for internet and TV screening.

4. Time-frame

The assignment is expected to commence immediately after the signing of the contract and will have duration of 4 weeks for completion from the signing date.

5. Payment Milestones

The successful media house or firm shall be paid according to the schedule detailed below:

1st Installment (20%) – Upon the finalization of the concept note, story line and production timeline

2nd Installment (40%) – After successful completion of
• All the shooting
• Script developed and approved by Deborah Foundation, and
• Upon submission of the first draft edits of the two documentaries

3rd Installment (40%)Upon the submission and approval of the final products and submission of all raw footage on the appropriate formats

6. Minimum Organization Requirements

Demonstrated ability in videography and script writing

• Demonstrated experience in documentary video development

• Experience in the usage of video software packages

• Creative design teams on info-graphics and animation

• Excellent working knowledge of English and Amharic

• Previous experience with another NGO is a plus

Expected functional competency

• Accountability

• Planning and Organization

• Creativity

• Client Orientation

• Technological awareness

• Timeliness in delivery

7. Criteria for selecting the best offer

Upon the advertisement of the Procurement Notice, qualified production firms are expected to submit both the Technical and Financial Proposals. Accordingly; the firm will be evaluated based on Cumulative Analysis as per the following conditions:

▪ Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation. In this regard, the respective weight of the proposals are:

a. Technical Criteria weight is 70%

Submit a draft comprehensive proposal with

1. Proposed clear timeline and work plan, review and approval processes

2. Complete team portfolio

▪ Years of experience in video productions

▪ 3 sample videos of previous projects – documentary projects are a plus

3. Detailed resume of the proposed director proposed for the video production

4. CVS of the assigned professionals that will work on documentary (videographer, scriptwriter, creative team working on info-graphics and animations)

b. Financial Criteria weight is 30%

The financial proposal should include all costs involved in delivering on this assignment, including:

▪ All costs associated with the filming of the video

▪ All professional payments

▪ Transportation cost

8. Proposed standard technical proposal evaluation criteria

Technical proposals will be rated as per the following matrix. A firm will have to score a minimum of 70% to be considered for the next step. Financial evaluation will be conducted for the qualified and responsive technical proposals (i.e 70% and above).

1. Expertise of Firm / Organization – 30%
Proposed Methodology, Approach and Implementation Plan – 40%
Team Structure and Key Personnel – 30%
Total – 100%


You can submit your technical and financial proposal to our foundation at our head office located at Bole road, behind Sur Construction or you can emails us at

Deadline: May 24, 2022

If you have any questions or for more information, please call us on +251942225838 | +25198599858 or you can email us at


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