On June 25th, 2022, commemorating this year’s Green Legacy, our foundation planted more than 1,000 coffee, apple, avocado, and other seedlings in the compound of Deborah Foundation School and Therapy Center which is under construction in Legetafo city.

The mayor of Legatafo Ato. Beriso Temesgenand, and the vice president of the Ethiopian Police University, General Mesfin Abebe, were present at the event. Students and staff of the Ethiopian Police University, high school students from schools in Legetafo city, children born with Down syndrome and their families, as well as board members and staff of the Foundation participated in the tree planting event.

Children born with Down Syndrome need a comfortable and natural environment in addition to medical care and education; A green environment plays an important role in this. Our foundation believes that the seedlings planted under the green legacy events will be a natural therapy for the children as they grow. We truly thank all those involved in this event.