Capacity Building

The Deborah foundation trains educational professionals and institutions to maximize accessibility of schools to the mentally disabled youth across Ethiopia. The foundation trains health professionals and institutions to realize full capacity in mental disability therapeutic service across Ethiopia. In collaboration with partners and key stakeholders the foundation aims to facilitate and mobilize health as well as educational resources to mentally disabled youth across Ethiopia.

Family Engagement‚Äč

Families have an important role as advocates for their family member with intellectual disability including Down syndrome. By speaking up for a family member and providing leadership for the rest of the community families have been the driving force behind many of the progressive changes that have been made in the lives of people intellectual disability. The Deborah foundation aims to engage, educate and support families of children with intellectual disability.

Policy Advocacy

The Deborah foundation engages in legislative and regulatory advocacy in an effort to improve the health and quality of life for people with intellectual disability. The foundation advocates for education laws and policies that uphold the rights of individuals with intellectual disability to receive a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive setting: promote principles and practices designed to improve educational outcomes for students with intellectual disability.

Legetafo Project

The Legetafo project includes inclusive school and Health care services for children with intellectual disability. this project envisions towards creating an inclusive world for children born with Down syndrome.

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