The First Pan-African Special Olympic of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities was held in Cairo from23rd to31st, January 2020, on the competition for the first time representatives from Ethiopia were participated and they secured two Gold, one Silver, and four Bronze medals.  The Ethiopian National Association of Peoples with Intellectual Disability has sent the team from its members and it was led by two assistants and 4 competitors.

The team has returned to the country on February 1 and a welcoming and awarding ceremony was held on February 2 at the premises of the Association in Addis Ababa located at 22 areas.  On the ceremony Deborah Foundation has awarded 50 thousand Birr to Gold medalist, 40 thousand to Silver medalist, 30 thousand to Bronze medalist and 20 thousand to the team members.

The Ethiopian Olympic Committee has also granted awards in money to the medalists and team members.  In addition, the president of the Committee H.E. Dr.  Ashebir declared the Association has become the 28th associate member of the Committee.   This entails to Association will get financial  and capacity building supports from the Committee. Representing the Foundation, Dr. Aden has granted the award and congratulates the team, families and the members of the Association.