The Foundation has officially opened its first office and headquarter. The inauguration for the opening of the office was held on Friday, Oct. 25/2019 starting from 4 pm. The inauguration was headed by H.E. Abadulla Gemeda, the families of his Excellency and board members of the Foundation, staff members and individuals who have a vital role in the establishment of the Foundation had also attended the ceremony. On the next day, Saturday 20th Oct. 2019 the official inauguration of the Foundation was held at Rift Valley University Tokuma Hall starting from 5 pm.

On the occasion, the brief establishment history of the Foundation from its inception up to registration and the activities undertaken by it was presented to the invited guests. The occasion has a special place in the history of the Foundation. The book was written by H.E. Abadulla Gemeda፣ titled “60 years” was also inaugurated together with the Foundation’s establishment. The copyright of the book and its proceeds has been donated to the Foundation. Such donation reflects his Excellency’s strong belief and commitment to supporting our people diagnosed with Down syndrome.

The other main event on the occasion was the birthday celebration of young Deborah Abadulla after whose name the Foundation is called. The 12th year birthday was celebrated together with the Foundation and the historic book. Children diagnosed with Down syndrome and their families had attended the occasion which makes the inauguration event delightful. High officials of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, members of parliament, officials and staff members of the parliament were also among the guests attending the event. Individuals and entities who have been a great contributor to the establishment of the Foundation had attended the inauguration. Member of the Parliament Honorable Mohammed Kope and linguistic Doctor, Abebe, had a brief presentation on the new book, “60 years.” In the presentation, both admired the life experience and dedication of his Excellency to the betterment of the country and its people. The presenters also honored the family commitment of his Excellency as a husband, father, brother, and friend.

Individuals and entities that have been supporting the Foundation in various ways have been recognized and awarded a certificate from the hand of the Board Chairperson of the Foundation His Excellency Abadulla Gemeda. On the occasion, many people have shown their willingness to be a member and supporter of the Foundation. This encourages the Foundation to realize its objectives effectively. Many copies of the book, “60 years”, have been sold on the occasion.